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Mony is a payments services provider. Receive money from your customers, settle the funds the same day and pay for what you use based on a flat rate. It’s that simple.

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Tokenisation & one click payments

Simply put, tokenisation is a secure way to store your customer’s credit card details and reusing these stored details next time the customer shops with you. Benefits of tokenisation are faster checkout times and hence increased conversion, as well as added security since the credit card details are not exchanged between multiple hosts. Mony uses multi-level tokenisation thus significantly enhancing what is already a secure payment method.

Mony evaluates

At the end of the analysis, transactions are scored and can either be accepted, denied or, in some cases, held for review by an operator. Mony understands that all industry profiles are different and vary even at the merchant level, which is why we made sure that all of the fraud rules can be modified at merchant level.

Each transaction undergoes assessment based on:

  • Device identification and evaluation
  • Transaction and business intelligence scorecard
  • IP detection, including use of proxy
  • Geo-location
  • Relationship, velocity and behavioural assessment
  • A range of other dynamic heuristic attributes

Devices now provide relatable and reliable data to manage a transaction – much more data than credit cards provide in ‘card-present’ transactions making management of transactions by device and additional transaction attributes more efficient, secure and leading to a better outcome for all parties.

Consumers also want efficient, non-intrusive solutions to help them pay for goods and Mony delivers the platform that allows its merchants to achieve that.


  • Improve customer service and maximise sales
  • Reduce loss and chargeback costs
  • No cost to Mony merchants

Mony settles

If the transaction is approved, Mony settles the funds the same day to the merchant’s bank account – any bank, any account.

Protect your business from online card fraud today.

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Protect your business from online card fraud today.

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